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Alimentation Maison aims to make people adopt healthy eating habits by offering a responsible distribution network. Our approach is based on the three basic aspects of sustainable development. .

  • We are aware of the environmental impacts of food production and distribution, which is why we try to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum.

    Local supply

    Our meat and poultry are all from Quebec sources, reducing fuel consumption related to the transport of animals and carcasses.

    Sustainable fisheries

    Our suppliers of fish and seafood were selected in accordance with various lists of sustainable fisheries compliance programs such as MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), ASC (Aquaculture Stewarship Council), Sea Choice and Ocean Wise. Thus, the fish we sell are caught or farmed in ways that can maintain or increase long-term production, without endangering the health and function of marine life in the oceans.


    We try to reduce as much as possible our use of non-reusable or non-recyclable materials. We deliver in high quality insulated bags made in part with recycled water bottles. In addition, our materials for our vacuum packed products are made with a recyclable thick plastic, unlike the majority of those we find in grocery stores, made out of plastic wrap and Styrofoam.

    Minimize losses

    Alimentation Maison’s concept of distribution allows to minimize food losses, both in the distribution cycle as well as in the customer’s home. With deep frozen products, we do not have the constraints of expiration dates that we find in grocery stores or at the butcher’s. This way, there is no "loss on the shelves" and no loss for the consumer, who on average will throw out 30% of its food in a year.

    Optimization of deliveries

    We use road optimization software for our deliverymen, which reduces our fuel consumption to a minimum. In addition, our members have designated neighborhoods and the distances between them are very short. Finally, by encouraging our members to put in larger and less frequent orders, we can reduce the number of annual deliveries.

  • Alimentation Maison also aims to contribute to the development of communities. Maintaining good health being one of our major concerns, we strive to offer our customers products free of harmful elements for health.

    Meats without growth hormones

    All cattle from our producers are raised without the use of growth hormones. It has been shown that the use of growth hormones in livestock production can cause neurobiological, carcinogenic, genotoxic side effects as well as side effects on the development of humans. None of our farmers use growth hormones, allowing us to offer a healthier meat product.

    No use of preventive antibiotics

    Overusing antibiotics on mass farming has the effect of promoting the resistance of pathogenic bacteria. Thus, it becomes more difficult, both in animals and humans, to treat infections that responded very well to these antibiotics in the past.

    Dissemination and increased knowledge about food

    With our personalized meetings with interested clients, we enable them to increase their knowledge on food issues and to adopt a more environmentally friendly way of consumption that is also beneficial for their health.

  • Alimentation Maison wants to be part of an economic system that will support long term growth of participants and encourage the local economy.

    Injections into the local economy

    By buying from breeders and meat producers in Quebec, we favor the increase of provincial bio-food sector sales. By promoting local products instead of imported products, lamb for example, we can reduce our imports in this sector and boost sales here. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF), if each consumer bought $ 30 more per year in Quebec products, they inject, in a 5 year period, a billion dollars in the local economy. This injection makes it possible to create jobs in the food industry in Quebec and to favor producers of our land.

    Encouragement of family farms

    Our purchasing volume being smaller than the larger food chains, our producers can supply us with each type of product. Therefore, most of our suppliers are family owned and we guarantee a constant outlet for their products. This allows these farms to avoid having to sell at auction or at reduced prices their unsold carcasses. We also allow them to increase their margins, which may help them to create more jobs, to invest in new, more efficient equipment, to develop more green initiatives, to expand or to improve their working conditions.

    Consumer savings

    By limiting the middleman, Alimentation Maison can offer very competitive prices to its members and thus give them the opportunity to save on their food bills. It also allows smaller budgets to encourage local producers instead of purchasing imported mass production products. Whether by promoting local purchases or simply saving more on their purchases, our consumers stimulate the Quebec economy.

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