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All our meats and poultry are naturally-raised on Quebec farms which subscribe to the respectful treatment of animals. Seafood products come from sustainable fisheries. .

AAA Beef Aged 14 Days from Quebec

Laroche Meats

The return of natural breeding and respect for animals makes not only the farmers happy but also the consumers! Our beef is a cross-breeding between an Angus, Hereford or Shorthorn female and a Parthenais male, fed with herbs and hay.

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Viandes Sélectionnées des Cantons

Viande Sélectionnée des Cantons (VSC) is a group of approximately 100 Quebec breeders that offers a superior quality of meat, with no growth hormones or drugs.

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Prince edward island certified

For generations, Prince Edward Island farmers have been raising cattle using a traditional, holistic approach. Today, cattle continue to be raised on the Island’s small family owned farms. Salt air, iron-rich soil, and rolling pastures produce healthy, stress-free animals. There’s a relationship between farmer, animal and the land that can’t be replicated resulting in beef as distinctive as the Island itself.

100% Vegetable Grain-fed Chicken from Quebec

Voltigeurs Farm

Our chicken comes from the Voltigeurs farm, a family farm well-known in Quebec for its natural products and respectful chicken farming. Since 1958, the Turcotte-Martel family offers generous and delicious chickens. The chickens are raised to roam freely in enclosures and are fed exclusively with vegetable grains, which makes a protein-rich meat.

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Horsemeat and Wild Meats from Quebec

Richelieu Meat

Our horse and wild meats come from Viande Richelieu, a Canadian company specialized in bison, elf, beef and horse farming. They advocate healthy and natural farming, without the use of antibiotics or hormones.

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Grain-fed Turkey from Quebec

Avibross Farm

The Avibross farm, owned by the Brosseau family in Victoriaville, offers an organic turkey, without the use of antibiotics and animal substitutes. Turkey farmers since 2001, they made a 100% organic turn in 2007. Exclusively fed with vegetable grain, turkey is a lean, high-protein meat that is often cheaper than chicken.

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Naturally-raised Quebec pork

Le Rang 4

Le Rang 4 is among a tiny group of Quebec farms that control every step from breeding and slaughtering to transformation and wholesaling. The Forget family gives their hogs quality food and constant care and is proud of distributing some of the best hormone- and antibiotics-free products. The ACA and CQA certifications vouch for the fact they respect and ensure their animals’ welfare.

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Grain-Fed Veal from Québec

Bruno Guillet Farm

Here at Bruno Guillet, we specialize in grain-fed veal farming for over 10 years. The veal if fed with vegetable grain and raised in a healthy environment without the use of antibiotics. It is a really tender and lean pink meat, with only 7.5% of fat per portion. Veal is an excellent source of B12 vitamin, as well as other minerals like iron and magnesium.

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Lamb From Quebec

K.R.T. veal from Quebec

The KRT co-op was founded in 1980 in Saint-Alexandre de Kamouraska. The co-op is known for its farming techniques as well as its respect for animals and the environment.

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Gluten-Free Artisanal Sausages

Les Cochonailles - Gourmet Deli

Les Cochonailles offers a selection of authentic sausages, combining flavorful and bold ingredients. They are also natural and gluten-free!

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Duck from Quebec


Here at Rougié, you can find flavorful force-fed duck products. Without the use of hormones or antibiotics, the ducks are fed corn and fresh water.

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Brome Lake Ducks

Brome Lake Ducks is specialized in Beijing duck farming since 1912. Back then, a New-Yorker decided to start Beijing duck farming in Canada, on the banks of Lake Brome. Duck is the perfect meat for a healthy diet: on top of being flavorful, it has essential mono-unsaturated, polyunsaturated, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

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Sustainable Fishery Fish

Des Bobines Fish Farm

Rainbow trout farming is located in East Hereford in the Eastern Townships. This family-owned farm is a partner with Ocean Wise, an organism that advocates sustainable aquaculture. Les Bobines farming and breeding techniques in basins are ecofriendly and efficient.

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Creative Salmon

Creative Salmon was founded 1990 in the great region of Tofino. Its Chinook salmon, considered as the tastiest salmon in its league, is certified organic. Creative Salmon is the first North American salmon farm to get an organic certification.

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True North

Our Atlantic salmon comes from True North in Fundy Bay, New-Brunswick. This family company is a large producer of fresh Atlantic salmon. Its salmon is certified sustainable and natural.

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Pearlmark offers superb certified Ocean Wise sea products of superior quality. This company started in Montreal in 1985 and is now one of the largest sea product importer in Quebec.

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Regal Springs

Regal Springs basins in Honduras offer natural tilapia farming, where the fish is vegetable grain-fed without the use of antibiotics and kept away from any exposure to extraneous contaminants like mercury.

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Sea Delight

The company, founded in 2006, advocates sustainable and responsible fishery. Sea Delight offers high-quality tuna and swordfish.

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The Irish organic salmon company

This organic salmon thrive in the wild pristine waters along Ireland's westerly coastline. The Irish Organic Salmon Company has been producing Organic salmon since 2004 in Clare Island, Co. Mayo and in Bantry Bay and Kenmare Bay since 2008. It has 4 different organic certifications and is known worldwide for its incredible taste.

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Sustainable Fishery Seafood

Manicouagan Fishery

Details to come

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Blue Tide

Blue Tide is distributed by Lagoon, a Montreal-based company founded in 1991, and ensures products of superior quality from sustainable sources.

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